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BBQS of the World manufactures and supplies Sth American styled Argentine and Uruguayan asado grills, parrilas & asado equipment hand made in Australia. We have sourced exceptionally skilled tradesmen to build quality asado equipment and distribute these grills and custom barbecues around Australia. If you are wanting to cook an asado or Lamb a la cruz on a genuine asado Cross over hot charcoal embers with authentic equipment, then our Asado Series range of Asadores and Parrilla barbecue grills are for you!

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Patagonian Cross for Cordero a la Cruz with adjustable base
Patagonia Cross & adjustable base
Our Price: $473.00 Inc GST
No doubt you've been looking for an impressive, quality asado charcoal grill, that'll provide an authentic Sth American grilling experience. Look no further! The Asado Series of grills manufactured by BBQS of the World are for you! Please contact us to place your order.

We have been working on expanding our range and availability of charcoal grills, with a range of models perfectly suited to being used at home or in a restaurant, pub or club. You will be able to cook mouth-watering meals over red hot burning embers using Australian hard-woods or lump charcoal.

Once your asado parrilla or asador kit has been delivered and installed, you will be able to cook some of the most authentic, genuine and awe-inspiring barbecued meals in town.

A la parrilla - Large 4 Grill adjustable Parrilla to fit a firebox 1250mm x 590mm.

Al asador - Adjustable Patagonian Cross fitted to a custom made elevated table with refractory bricks.

Al asador - Lamb on the adjustable Patagonian Cross being enjoyed at a wedding.

Should you have any special requests please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

All enquiries are welcome, please contact us by phone or email.

BBQS of the World Pty Ltd
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