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How did La Caja China get their start?

The La Caja China wooden roaster was created in 1985.

What the difference between the galvanized box and the aluminum box?

That is a great question because many people ask, “Which is the preferred box”? The aluminium box has been the main box for over twenty-three years. keep it away from adverse weather and it will last you a lifetime. The galvanized steel tends to rust if not cleaned promptly after use. We highly recommend getting the aluminium model we stock. It is more durable and will outlast the galvanized model.

Can I cook different types of meat at the same time?

If the cooking times are the same you can cook it at the same time. (Example: chicken and ribs).

What is the best way to marinate the pig?

Inject the pig the night before with your favourite injection and rub it down with La Caja China Adobo or your favourite BBQ rub. Also, give the skin a good rub down with salt.

Where should I keep it until it is time to cook the pig?

Keep the marinated pig on ice over night in a large cooler. If you do not have a large cooler you can keep it inside your La Caja China with the ice bags over the pig. IMPORTANT: Make sure the pig is at room temperature before you place it inside the box. Remove the ice approx. 4 hours before you cook it.

How do I clean La Caja China after I use it?

Spray the inside of La Caja China and the grids with hot water and detergent or a citrus based degreaser, and then rinse it down with water and soap again. Let it sit to dry, then store away.

Do I need to inject the pig?

You do not need to inject the pig, but we recommend injecting for better flavour. You can brine the whole pig if you like.

Does the box ship assembled?

No, the Model#1 and Model#2 come in two separate boxes. Both boxes have the same dimension of 48″ x 25″ x 4″.  The total weight for the Model #2 is 97 pounds.

How long does it take to assemble the box?

It takes about 30 minutes to assemble the roasting box.

How much charcoal do I need to?

We recommend that you use regular charcoal.  You will require about 9kg of charcoal to start.

Where do I insert the thermometer?

Insert it in the largest part of the meat (Example: For a whole pig insert it in the center of the butt). IMPORTANT: Make sure the probe is not touching the bone.