Clean Heat


Clean Heat Hardwood Lump Charcoal & Briquettes

Clean Heat is a Premium restaurant quality lumpwood charcoal.  Made from Mopani hardwood which is a Sth African invader bush, it is very similar to Australian Gidgee.

Suppliers and sponsors of many award winning Australian barbecue teams, Clean Heat is used by many noteworthy teams including Suck Knuckle Smokers.

Mopani hardwood inhibits the growth of short grass which impacts heavily on the food supply for native Sth African grazing animals such as Rhino, Impala and Springbok.

Above all, Mopani lump wood charcoal and briquettes are a renewable product.

Not only are you offering tremendous flavour at your next barbecue but you are also choosing a positive environmental option.

Bulk commercial and residential use enquiries are welcome.

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