10 Sheets OREN Pink Butchers Paper 24″ x 3ft

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10 Sheets OREN Pink Butchers Paper 24″ x 3ft


OREN Pink Butchers Paper 24″ x 3ft is the perfect size to wrap a full size Brisket or Pork Butt during smoking.   Oren Pink Butchers paper is typically used towards the end of a cook.  It helps to prevent the meat from getting too dark too quickly.  It also helping the meat retain moisture and protect the meat from drying out.

The 10 sheets of OREN Pink Butchers Paper are folded individually.  Each sheet is 24″ x 3ft (60.96cm x 91.44cm) which is perfect for a full size packer Brisket.

Oren International Pink Butchers Paper is the original used by many big name barbecue restaurants.  Commonly used amongst Competition Barbecue teams on the International Barbecue Circuit.

Oren Pink Butchers Paper is food-grade and FDA Approved for direct and prolonged contact with food.  You cannot just use any paper to wrap your barbecue foods in while cooking.  It is therefore recommended to use Oren Pink Butchers Paper.


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