LavaLock® – BBQ Gasket Fireblack® 125 – 19mm x 3mm

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Lavalock™ high quality DuPont™ Nomex® gaskets, are easy to install and will not melt, peel or loosen. These are the best high heat gaskets available today.

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LavaLock® Gasket – FireBlack® 125 – 19mm x 3mm


Suits models such as: Hark, Charbroil, CharGriller, Brinkmann, Oklahoma, Horizon, Home made custom BBQ’s, Komado



  • Medium: 19mm wide x 3mm thick x 455cm Long (Black Colour) OR
  • 3/4″ x 1/8″ x 15′ w/Hi-Temp Adhesive (Black)
  • Package contains: 1 roll of adhesive backed gasket tape, 1 installation guide


Cooking with smoke is a wonderful thing, but not when it escapes from places where it shouldn’t.


Control is the name of the game especially when your cooking for 5+ hours.


Escaping smoke means leaks, drafts and ultimately escaping and uncontrolled heat.  This puts out cooking times and wastes charcoal and smoking woods. BBQ Smoker gaskets reduce this problem.


LavaLock® is a quality brand gasket that will ensure your smoker or grill is sealed up good and tight.


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