BBQr’s Delight – Jack Daniel’s Wood Pellets 9kg

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BBQr’s Delight – Jack Daniels Wood Pellets 9kg bags

Jack Daniels Wood Pellets from BBQr’s Delight, are food grade wood pellets.  They are consistently rated amongst the highest quality all natural wood pellets available.

Specifically for pellet grills and cold smokers the pellets are made from a blend of Oak Wood and flavour wood.

100% all natural, the Jack Daniels BBQr’s Delight wood pellets are blended with 2/3 Oak and 1/3 from Jack Daniels barrels.

All in all, they are an economical, fast and easy way to give your food that classic smokey flavour.

We stock the full range of BBQr’s Delight smoking wood pellets in our online store, click here.

To illustrate the quality of BBQr’s Delight we’ve included an informative product review from our friends at All Things BBQ.


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