Oakridge BBQ – Signature Edition Black OPS’ Brisket Rub


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OAKRIDGE BBQ Signature Edition

Black OPS’ Brisket Rub


Cloaked in secrecy, for two years before its release, the Oakridge team of elite BBQ Professionals put it to the test, winning numerous awards across the U.S. in the process!

Black OPS’ is incredibly rich with a deep flavour profile with a spicy, peppery finish that builds a serious bark.  It excels on all cuts of beef, but brisket is its sweet spot.

We stock the full range of Oakridge BBQ rubs in our on-line store.  Available in 170g or 454g bags.

100% all natural, with no MSG and nothing artificial. 100% Gluten Free.


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Chillies (including Paprika & Chipotle), garlic, black & white pepper, onion, raw cane sugar, coriander, ground Bolivian Fair-trade organic coffee, shiitake mushrooms, herbs and spices.

Allergen notice: Gluten free, may contain traces of nuts.


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