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Grill Floss

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Grill Floss


Grill Floss the “Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool” is undoubtedly the ultimate BBQ grill cleaning tool on the market. Now available in Australia.

Firstly, Grill Floss is the only BBQ grill cleaning tool that can clean all the burnt gunk off your round grill grates without having to remove them from the barbecue.

Wire BBQ grill brushes are dangerous and can lose metal bristles that could potentially end up in your next meal. This product simply eliminates this hazard.

The simple yet well thought out design means that the cleaning head wraps around each individual grill, enabling you to scrape it clean.


  • •Dual-Sized Cleaning Head to fit all round grill grates. 20 inches long. 304 stainless steel.


Clean off burnt, left over food, but more importantly leave behind the grease and flavoursome seasoning that you have worked tirelessly to build up on your grills.

Take pride in cooking over a clean grilling surface and get rid of you old worn out wire brushes.

Perfect for cleaning the grills on your Yoder Smoker or ProQ Smoker and many many more barbecues…


Additional Information :
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 64 × 15 × 4 cm


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