Wood Logs – Mesquite 10kg

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Wood Logs – 10kg


Mesquite smoking wood logs produce a beautiful earthy flavoured smoke.  Most importantly Mesquite smoking wood logs are an excellent smoking fruit wood to use when cooking all types of meat.

Fruit wood is a simple and easy way to add as little or as much smoke to your barbecued foods when you combine it with using lump wood charcoal in Pro Q Smoker.

Our fruit wood is of exceptional quality and sourced from orchards and fruit producers in the Perth hills area.  This is due to the fact that the wood is from trees that produce fruit for public consumption.

Fruit wood is used for many type of barbecuing, grilling, low n slow smoking and cold smoking, therefore each bag has seasoned wood of varying thicknesses.

We pride ourselves on supplying only the very best quality wood.

Available in many types including Apple, Cherry, Plum, Nectarine, and Pecan.


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