Blues Hog Honey Mustard Sauce

Blues Hog Honey Mustard Sauce


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Blues Hog honey mustard sauce is delicious and will add the right amount of zesty sweetness to your meats and sides.


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Description :

Blues Hog Honey Mustard Sauce


Blues Hog Honey Mustard is a thick, golden gourmet sauce that combines the sweet taste of honey with the zesty taste of prepared mustard. An exotic blend of spices nurtures the natural flavours of smoked meats.  Honey Mustard is excellent as a dipping sauce, a basting sauce, or a delicious salad dressing! GLUTEN FREE.

Adds a blue ribbon level of flavour to your barbecued foods.

Easy to use and no mess 21oz. squeeze bottle.

The range is designed to complement each other and is at the top of the list of recommended products to try.

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Weight .65 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm
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