Ferraboli Vertigo Basic


Ferraboli Vertigo Basic

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Portable and compact, great for picnics or road trips.


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Ferraboli Vertigo Basic


Ferraboli VERTIGO Basic – Vertical and Horizontal Charcoal Grill with area of 56×35 cm.


– as a normal horizontal, multi-level charcoal grill, with smoke and heat rising from the bottom as you cook over charcoal, OR

– as a vertical grill, with heat coming from the back wall, avoiding rising smoke and flare ups using the included cooking basket and spit rod to hold and turn food as it cooks.

The VERTIGO Basic, has a good sized 56 x 35 cm cooking area.  The rear and bottom has two area for charcoal or coals.  This is so you can alternate between vertical or horizontal grilling.  We don’t recommend putting charcoal in both spaces at the same time.

You get two chrome steel cooking grills.  One is a wire basket to hold food in a vertical position and fitted onto a central spit rod, which remains stationary by locking into the sides (sorry no rotisserie motor comes with this to make the basket spin). 

The basket can then be positioned at different distances from the rear vertical fire for side heat. In this way fat and oil drips down with minimal smoke (an aluminium drip tray to catch the drippings is useful). 

For classic grilling, you can use the wire chrome horizontal grill that can be positioned at four different heights over charcoal and use as a traditional open grill.

The barbecue includes an attachment side platform that serves as a handy support when preparing food.


– Made in painted mild steel with stainless steel fire box to the rear for vertical heat.

– Large chrome grill plus grill basket and spit rod.

– side handles and side shelf included.

No rotisserie motor – vertical grill is positioned and locked in by hand.

Additional Information :
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 30 cm
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