Mad Hunky Hot Whang Chicken Rub

Mad Hunky Hot Whang Chicken Rub


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Hot Whang will give your food a tasty kick!


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Mad Hunky – Hot Whang Chicken Rub


Mad Hunky Hot Whang! is a spicy Chicken (Or whatever!) rub that will heat up your meat nicely. Dust with HW, and spritz a couple times through the cook with 50/50 water and vinegar.  For a “saucy” finish, spritz right at end of the cook, and rest covered for a few minutes, or skip the last spritz, and rest a few minutes uncovered for a crispy finish.


Mad Hunky Rubs and seasonings will give your food that extra kick of spiced flavour.  Without overloading your senses, Mad Hunky sets your taste buds free!


Easy to use, simply rub it onto your meat of choice, let it sit for 1/2hr or more and then barbecue, delicious!


Use as much or as little as you like. Great on pulled Lamb recipes, beef brisket, chicken thigh fillets.


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