FYRO Premium Wood Charcoal 4kg

FYRO Premium Wood Charcoal 4kg

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Quick description:

Premium Fruitwood Charcoal burns clean and hot and lasts ages!


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Description :

FYRO Premium Wood Charcoal 4kg


FYRO Super Premium Fruit Wood Charcoal is made from eco-friendly fruit tree trimmings.

Lights easily and burns cleanly with virtually no smoke, odour or sparks.

FYRO charcoal burns up to 3x longer than other regular wood charcoal.

4KG bags with good sized chunks of wood inside.

Created using eco-friendly plantation sourced fruit tree wood.  Carbonised in a special kiln which reaches up to 600°C in temperature, in a controlled burn for 3 weeks before cooling. The charcoal is then quality sorted and cut to size.

This unique production process ensures that the charcoal is long burning, high quality, resistant to crumbling into small pieces and not as brittle compared to traditional lump charcoal.

FYRO will hold its shape while burning and will release clean heat with no sparks and minimal smoke.  If you add fruit wood chunks to the burning charcoal you will get the specific flavour profile you are looking for.

If you hit two pieces of this charcoal together you may think it’s Binchotan!  It’s not, but it is an excellent quality charcoal!

  • • 100% Natural & Chemical Free
  • • Sustainably Sourced
  • • All Natural Eco-friendly Coconut Shells
  • • No Smoke, No Sparks, No Odour
  • • High Heat, Long Lasting, Low Ash
  • • 4kg Heavy Duty Packaging
  • • Easy to store
Additional Information :
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
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