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FYRO Charcoal

FYRO Charcoal
FYRO Charcoal is made from high quality plant-based raw materials which produces a super premium quality, 100% natural charcoal, that burns exceptionally clean and hot. FYRO Charcoal products are low to no smoke and low to no odour because they contain Zero Chemicals, Zero Fillers and Zero Additives! They are 100% Natural!
Sustainable yet high quality raw materials from plantations are selected and cooked in specially designed and fine tuned ovens ensuring a consistently superior quality charcoal in every single batch.
Each bag or box of FYRO Charcoal contains all the hallmarks of what we believe quality fuel should be. The way it burns, how it cooks your food, what it’s made from and how it elevates your barbecue experience.
We hope you love BBQing over FYRO as much as we do.
Zero chemical or mineral additives
High purity
Burns extra cleanly
No smoke, odour or harmful fumes
Available in a variety of styles and sizes. Click on the links below to go straight to the products:
– Binchotan White Charcoal 2.5kg
– Binchotan White Charcoal 10kg
– Binchotan Style BBQ Charcoal Logs 10kgs
– Premium Coconut Charcoal Pillows 4kg
– Premium Coconut Charcoal Pillows 10kg
– Premium Fruit Wood Charcoal 4kg
– Premium Fruit Wood Charcoal 10kg

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