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Cattleman's Grill

Cattleman’s Grill

Cattleman’s Grill was born on the long and dusty trails of the American West. With the orange haze slowly sinking into the horizon, weary cowboys hitched their horses and stowed their tack. Hungry after a long day working the wide open plains. Enticing sizzles and scents from the chuck wagon filled the air. As Ol’ Bruce seasoned the steak and seared it to perfection over a crackling campfire.

Bruce Cortese, the founder of Cattleman’s Grill, wanted to capture the history and magic of cooking in the Old West. He was especially intrigued with the way immigrants brought the flavours of their own home countries to the cattle trails.  Camp kitchens were often limited in their supplies but their staples usually included salt, brown sugar, dried peppers, and coffee. Our seasonings were among the first to re-introduce the chuck wagon standby. Coarsely ground strong coffee, to modern palates. Bruce used these core cowboy cooking ingredients as the base for Cattleman’s Grill Original Cowboy Rub.

Later, the spicy and smoke-infused flavors indigenous to the Southwest led to the creation of Cattleman’s Grill Smoky Chipotle and Spicy Red seasonings. Bruce dug into his own family’s heritage to create two European-inflected blends, Cattleman’s Grill Italiano and Cattleman’s Grill Tuscan Steak seasoning. Over the years, Cattleman’s Grill Steakhouse, California Tri-Tip, and 8 Second Ride Carne Asada seasonings were added to the roster by popular demand.

Cattleman’s Grill seasonings give your recipes a healthy, all-natural flavor boost, whether you are grilling over an open fire under the stars, barbecuing on your patio, or cooking in a suburban kitchen. Cook Good, Eat Well.

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